Meet Jennie

My name is Jennie Welch. I am a Registered Nurse with 33 years experience in healthcare and passionate about helping to make a difference in nursing and the lives of patients. I graduated in 1985 with my Associates of Science in Nursing from Mount Aloysius Junior College and earned my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina in 1994. I am currently enrolled in the UAB MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Program. My long-term goal is to be able to offer affordable telehealth programs to families and organizations.

Through the years working as a bedside nurse and as a healthcare sales executive I’ve seen a lot of changes in how care is delivered and accessed. Now, consumers are struggling to more than ever to keep their out-of-pocket healthcare costs down and find ways to gain more affordable and convenient access to quality healthcare. Therefore, I am advocating for consumers and employers to consider a program to supplement their existing health plan to help save on their healthcare expenses.

I founded PRN Telehealth in order to bring you some of the industry’s best advantages through the Discount Benefit Program by BenefitsPal™. I love this program because it offers convenient and affordable access to many healthcare services and fills the gaps where health insurance doesn’t. Join today and let me show you why millions of Americans are choosing non-traditional health insurance benefits programs to lower their costs, stress, and time spent seeking care.

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The Benefits


Here are some benefits you can receive when you sign up with Jennie!

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Experience life to its fullest knowing PRN Telehealth is by your side.

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Not available to UT, VT or WA residents.